Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a training program?

You may contact any of the TA Associations listed on this page.

How long will it take to qualify?

Usually 4-5 years from the beginning of training, depending on previous training and experience, and on how easy it is for you to collect application hours.

How much does training cost?

This depends on how you do the training and the local costs depending on where you train. Training institutes can give you information about this (see: How do I find a training program?). There may be additional costs for conferences, for instance, and you will need to buy books.

It is also possible to attend workshops, courses and conferences without planning to take the formal qualification, and use these as Continuing Professional Development.

Can I count previous training in TA in another field from the one I want to qualify in?

Yes. But supervision must be in the field for which you intend to qualify, and at least 30% of training should be in the field presented for exam.

When does the contract become effective?

When you send your completed contract to the administrator it will be filed by IBOC. The date posted on your contract by IBOC office is the effective date.

Completed filing documentation and payment of the contracting fee is required for endorsement to be completed. (See the Handbook Section 6.2.pdf.)
The endorsed contract lasts for five years and should be kept to include in the papers for the oral exam.

How can the training contract be extended?

It is the trainee’s responsibility to renew the contract before it expires. CTA and TSTA contracts have different requirements; please see the Handbook Section 6.4.pdf. Contracts can be extended by application to IBOC in special circumstances.