Transactional Analysis Podcast (TAP)

Conversations on the theory, application and spirit of TA.

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Transactional Analysis Podcast curates a diverse auditory library of accessible learning resources for the TA community. We deliver content in an engaging way, where listeners feel inspired and connected to the global TA community. All fields of application, schools, approaches and traditions of TA have a voice and place on our podcast. We facilitate conversations with a globally diverse range of guests who share their work, experiences, ideas and opinions on Transactional Analysis.

Founded in 2019 by Matt Taylor and John Fleming as the “3 People In Your Head” Podcast, the TA podcast rebranded in 2024 and has been sponsored by ITAA and EATA as part of a joint venture since 2022.

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You can listen to the Podcast on most major streaming platforms some of which are listed below.

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