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The Script newsletter is free to everyone – to sign up and receive The Script by email, click here. The newsletter is published digitally each month to communicate news of interest about transactional analysis and the ITAA to readers around the world. It offers articles, interviews, editorial columns, regional news, election notices and other organizational information, conference news and information, award announcements, and letters to the editor. Past issues have featured articles on Eric Berne and his legacy, counseling and spirituality, new trends in educational transactional analysis, uses of intuition, couples work, parenting, social psychiatry, and the development of TA in various countries, including Japan, Romania, South India, South Africa, France, and Germany.

Submissions & Advertising

We welcome submissions about news related to the global transactional analysis community; brief articles (1200 word maximum) about transactional analysis applications and developments; reports on conferences, interest groups, and gatherings; letters to the editor; and articles reflecting personal perspectives on issues of interest and relevance to transactional analysts around the world. Please e-mail all submissions and/or questions to Robin Fryer, Managing Editor. Photos/graphics should be submitted as tiff or jpg images attached to e-mails, not embedded in documents.

To place an advertisement in The Script, please send your ad text in a Word document with any graphics/photos as jpg or tiff images attached separately (not embedded in the Word document). In the Word document, let us know how you want the ad to look or if you want us to do the design. Send ad text and graphic/photo files to Robin Fryer, Managing Editor.

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