Transactional Analysis Abbreviations

COCCommission of Certification (Europe)
CTA*Certified Transactional Analyst*
EATAEuropean Association for Transactional Analysis
IBOCInternational Board of Certification (ITAA)
ITAAInternational Transactional Analysis Association
PSCProfessional Standards Committee (ITAA)
PTSCProfessional Training Standards Committee (Europe)
PTSTA*Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst*
STA*Supervising Transactional Analyst*
TATransactional Analysis
TA 101Basic introductory course in transactional analysis
TABTransactional Analysis Bulletin
TACCTransactional Analysis Certification Council
TAJTransactional Analysis Journal
TEWTraining Endorsement Workshop
TSTA*Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst*
TTA*Teaching Transactional Analyst*


* These credentials are always followed by abbreviations for ‘Counseling’ (C), ‘Education’ (E), ‘Organizational’ (O), and/or ‘Psychotherapy’ (P)–for example, CTA-P, TSTA-O, STA-C, TTA-E, etc.