I look forward to serving on the ITAA Board of Trustees as the representative of my region because of my lifelong commitment to TA and its potential for helping humanity live in peace and cooperation. The well-being and natural state of each person, known as OKness, must be nurtured to create a society to which we want to belong. The ITAA links people with similar beliefs across the world, adding to a powerful wave of change. I am eager to combine my personal contribution with those of others involved in the positive application of TA. Since my first steps into TA in 1972—serving on committees, on the board, on the World Integration Committee, then the Long-Range Planning Task Force, and as ITAA President—I have upheld the importance of an inclusive TA community. As chair of the 2014 San Francisco World Conference and cochair of the 2019 Raleigh Conference, I am impressed with the caliber of people leading the ITAA and look forward to working with them again. Having served continuously on the USATAA Council for the past 17 years, I have a good idea of what is happening in the North American region. When I was asked to consider running for this position, vacated due to term limits, I felt excited about ITAA’s future on the planet and in the virtual world. As your North America representative, I will nurture both organizational health and fresh and creative initiatives.